Rovaniemen Ratsastuskeskus

The largest riding center in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemen Ratsastuskeskus is the largest riding center with the oldest tradition in the Polar Circle area of Finland. It is located near the city center and offers facilites for riding and training horses all year round. The location nearby a lake gives the possibility to ride in water as well. You are able to reach us by foot, bus (no 3, 6 and 7) or car from the city center.

We offer a variety of services including safe and high-quality riding lessons on our riding school horses for riders of all levels, full livery services for private horses and all kinds of activities such as riding courses and trainings for all levels of riders. A beginner of any age can make his/her first contact safely with a horse on our in-hand lessons. Our riding lessons are open to all riders of 7 years of age or older. Our trained staff is there to help You and give You guidance!

We also provide lovely sleigh rides with our safe horses. This is a nice way to make an acquaintance with horses and enjoy outdoors, no matter what age or how fit one is.

We welcome all horse enthusiasts from all over the World and are happy to tell You more about our services!

You are able to reach us by phone from Monday to Friday between 16.30-17.00 local time or any time by E-mail . When we are not able to answer the phone, You can always leave a message. We get back to You as soon as possible.


Rovaniemen Ratsastuskeskus Oy

Kajaanintie 1

96400 Rovaniemi

Tel. +358 44 348 2640